Too Many Chef

Too Many Chef
December 1, 2017 26 Comments Motivation GioFerox

Too many chefs spoil the broth: Synergy vs Animosity

Hey, guys, this is my first blog update ever and I would like to voice my opinion on the notion that too many chefs spoil the broth. That’s one of the top cliches most of us have probably heard a couple hundred times growing up. Maybe there is truth to it but maybe there are some problems too.

I don’t believe the issue is the number of chefs in the kitchen. I believe the problem is the lack of communication that’s the issue. We are all chefs in this kitchen we call Earth, all cooking varying dishes and enjoying our spoils in our small circles when we could be uniting and creating outcomes for each of us than anyone of us could do by ourselves.

Instead of fearing that we will end up with a spoilt pot of soup why not accept the possibility of cooking bigger points that could feed more and instead of a one person trying to win it all we all could win together. Take for example you write a book and your friend writes a book as well at this point that’s two authors(chefs) in the same kitchen what do you do now does one have to leave so that the broth doesn’t get too salty? I don’t think you would be so quick to end a friendship right? Instead, you both could collaborate and where each would be exposed to a million readers together that would be a shared two million and a potential of twice as much profit for each of you as a collaborated unit.

So the problem isn’t the number of chefs it is the mindset of the chefs, unity or the lack thereof among them, that is what spoils the broth.

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