The Faucet of Life

The Faucet of Life
December 15, 2017 2 Comments Motivation GioFerox

The Faucet of Life: Hot vs Cold

Hello again everyone, today’s topic is more of some food for thought to help you analyze the people around you. Let’s start with a little analogy; imagine life being a shower and within that shower, you have faucets, hot and cold. The hot faucet represents the people in your life that criticise you and push you to work harder, and the cold faucet represents those who want you to relax and take it slow and they never judge the direction your life is going in.

Which of the groups would you say is vital to your life, the hot or the cold? The hot people are necessary but so are the cold. Just like in a regular shower the constant follow of nothing but hot water could lead to a bad burn and skin irritation but at the same time, a bit of hot water is good for detox and other things. Similarly, constant cold water is not beneficial either yet it can aid to relieve muscle soreness.

In the end, both have their benefits but none is best to use constantly. We need people who push us to work harder and become better people but we also need people who are able to help us relax and take things slow. Don’t be caught overexerting yourself or you will burn out but don’t become too relaxed when there is so much to discover.

Learn to find the balance and learn to offer the same to the people in your life if you want to help them to grow. Rome wasn’t built in a day but it wouldn’t have been built at all if everyone sat around looking at the bricks.

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