Better Safe Than Sorry

Better Safe Than Sorry
December 22, 2017 8 Comments Motivation GioFerox

Better Safe Than Sorry: Safe vs Sorry

Hey guys, let me ask you would you rather regret taking a risk or not taking a risk that could have changed your life? Imagine being posed with a job opportunity or a task that you are not fully versed in. What do you do next? Do you make an¬†attempt or do you avoid the problem at hand? That’s a trick question by the way because we have all been in that position.

We have all risked failure at some point. We risked falling to make our 1st steps, we risked drowning when we 1st swam and so on. Life is a game of risk and everything worthwhile will take you out of your comfort zone. If you try to always play it safe you will be sorry because the regret of failing after an attempt pales in comparison to the regret of never trying. The what-ifs have never aided in finding plans of action and if you never try how will you grow and become better and stronger.

Better sorry than safe because at least the attempt gives insight into ways to make things happen. Don’t fear to fail, fear not trying.

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