The Humble Calf

The Humble Calf
December 29, 2017 No Comments » Motivation GioFerox

The Humble Calf: The Aggression in Humility

Hi everyone with 2018 close do you feel you have been aggressive enough? Are you satisfied with how aggresively you have attacked your obstacles throughout the year?

Growing up we have been told that the humble calf sucks the most milk but the truth is humility only goes so far. It is very good to be humble and respectful but aggression is a necessary tool for development and success. As a matter of fact, if you want success the best way to go about it is forceful and with action that is deliberate and unprovoked. Success is the milk and you are the calf and sitting around feeling low or less important isn’t going to send anyone to give you favours, you have to go and prove yourself and when you do along the way you will meet allies and enemies. Both mention parties will offer their own ‘aid’, the initial¬†for your development and the latter out of fear so you must be aggressive about your goals in order not to be sidetracked but humble enough to accept help when it comes.

On the road to success only the hungry and the brave survive and the ones aggressive enough to push through but humble enough to respect everyone that they meet along the way.

As 2018 approaches, be savagely you and hunt success like a wounded gazel and do not stop until you catch it.

Have a happy new year!

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