Moving Mountains

Moving Mountains
January 5, 2018 No Comments » Motivation GioFerox

Moving Mountains: Being Resolute in your resolutions

Happy New Year!

I know it is a practice for us to make grand resolutions at the end of a passing year or the beginning of a coming year, but my question is, does this make sense? The answer is yes and no. Though making a list of the things we need to change to achieve our goals is a good thing, we tend to overwhelm ourselves with trying to make big changes suddenly. This is not a practical approach. The ideal approach would be to make a list of small things you need to change and changing one small thing at a time almost like a checklist of improvement. Don’t tie yourself to changing all these things at once because your more likely to revert to not changing anything at all. So let’s say you want to lose 20lbs it’s better to have a monthly or weekly weight target that seems attainable and practical to you reaching your goal in a meaningful and timely manner.

Big changes don’t happen suddenly and small changes can move mountains. The only progress you really need to compare is your own. So instead of one big resolution, each year why not try smaller daily, weekly or monthly changes that will get you to your big goal?

Have a lovely weekend.

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