Trials in the Trails

Trials in the Trails
January 12, 2018 No Comments » Motivation GioFerox

Trials in the Trails: Point of View or State of Being

Hey guys, I’m back with your dose of motivation. This time I want to talk a bit about ‘trials’, ‘tests’, those ‘problems’.

Have you ever paid attention to the world ‘trials’ and the word ‘trails’? If you have you would notice they are made up of the same laters with just the vowels switched. We could scramble either word and have a group of people unscramble it to get any of the two.

I am saying this to say the things we go through are really paths to an unknown destination, and whether that path is just a trail of learning and growth or a long road of trials is up to us. We can choose to interpret the situations and setbacks as tools for our betterment or instruments of our demise. So truly if you choose to keep going and stay positive through the rocky and dark paths in life, you will accept that a lot of these moments were just leading up to a big win but if you give up that trail doesn’t end because you did not try to find the way out. In reality trails end when you make it to the end by whatever means; whether you walk, run or crawl, and so do trials.

So whether your current difficulty is a big messed up trial or a pathway to you discovering new strengths is up to you because whether it is a trial or a trail depends on your point of view not a state of being.

Enjoy your weekend and happy trails.

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