The Game of Life

The Game of Life
January 19, 2018 No Comments » Motivation GioFerox

The Game of Life: Big Wins vs Defeats

Hello guys!

Life is complex, isn’t it? So much to do, not enough time or resources. What if I told you life is like all other games we play and our trials are training and the obstacles are the opposing players trying to stop us from winning? Just like all these games, you face the biggest opposition when you are about to score, it’s at this point the defence gets hard. It’s at this point you need to fight through and push harder if you need that goal and if you want to win the game you’re going to need to fight for as many of those goals as you can. Yes sometimes your opponent is going to get in a few goals of their own but the game isn’t over until you give up.

Luckily for us, life isn’t a one-shot match but a tournament so we have many chances to get our big win if we really want it. And every morning we wake is a sign we haven’t been disqualified from the game as yet. So take every new day and every new struggle as an opportunity¬†to review and improve your game plan and design your success with deliberate effort.

Go get that big win and help a teammate get theirs. Enjoy your weekend.

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