6ix City Apparel

6ix City Apparel

6ix City is a brand that encompasses the connection between 2 very diverse countries with distinct differences yet culturally similar in many different facets. The clothing line is inspired by the fashion-forward trendsetters of these unique yet similar environments. Each piece of clothing is carefully created with both cultures in mind and geared to represent them in a stylish, trendy, fashion-forward and creative way. Toronto has been known to embrace the Caribbean on such a large scale through cultural events, culinary delights, entertainment and music. Jamaica is highly recognized for their creative fashion sense and not being afraid to start new trends. When it comes to food, dance, music and entertainment, Jamaica has always been known to raise the bar being one of the top vacation destinations for those travelling.

With Canada being such a multicultural country, diversity has given those living there the opportunity to live and experience the Jamaican culture through the strong prescience of migration from Jamaica to Canada. The brand was originally created to uplift and celebrate the cultural uniqueness yet display some similarity that both cultures hold. 6ix City is the visual expression of the connection when 2 empires collide. 6ix City is not only a brand but a movement and the goal is to bring more awareness to the strength of diversity and the positive impact it has on our lives.

6ix City from 416 to 876.

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    • Client: 6ix City Apparel
    • Date: October 2, 2017
    • Added By: GioFerox
    • Adobe Illustrator
  • Our task has been to create a memorable icon that would represent the homes of the brand, Canada and Jamaica. The Canadian skyline was seen to be perfect for such as it represents an empire in its own right. The lions are shown to watch each other's backs as would friends. The lions suggest strength, dominance and the pact the 6ix City Movement wishes to form in its pursuit of unity in diversity.

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