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The Game of Life
aside January 19, 2018 Motivation GioFerox

Hello guys! Life is complex, isn’t it? So much to do, not enough time or resources. What if I told you life is like all other games we play and our trials are training and the obstacles are the opposing players trying to stop us from winning? Just like all these games, you face the

Trials in the Trails
aside January 12, 2018 Motivation GioFerox

Hey guys, I’m back with your dose of motivation. This time I want to talk a bit about ‘trials’, ‘tests’, those ‘problems’. Have you ever paid attention to the world ‘trials’ and the word ‘trails’? If you have you would notice they are made up of the same laters with just the vowels switched. We

Moving Mountains
aside January 5, 2018 Motivation GioFerox

Happy New Year! I know it is a practice for us to make grand resolutions at the end of a passing year or the beginning of a coming year, but my question is, does this make sense? The answer is yes and no. Though making a list of the things we need to change to

The Humble Calf
aside December 29, 2017 Motivation GioFerox

Hi everyone with 2018 close do you feel you have been aggressive enough? Are you satisfied with how aggresively you have attacked your obstacles throughout the year? Growing up we have been told that the humble calf sucks the most milk but the truth is humility only goes so far. It is very good to

Better Safe Than Sorry
aside December 22, 2017 Motivation GioFerox

Hey guys, let me ask you would you rather regret taking a risk or not taking a risk that could have changed your life? Imagine being posed with a job opportunity or a task that you are not fully versed in. What do you do next? Do you make an attempt or do you avoid the

The Faucet of Life
aside December 15, 2017 Motivation GioFerox

Hello again everyone, today’s topic is more of some food for thought to help you analyze the people around you. Let’s start with a little analogy; imagine life being a shower and within that shower, you have faucets, hot and cold. The hot faucet represents the people in your life that criticise you and push you

Success vs Failure
aside December 9, 2017 Motivation GioFerox

Hey guys, I hope you all had a good week. Today I want to give you a bit of motivation and explain why sometimes we need to push harder instead of losing hope. But first a little backstory of the source of my inspiration for this topic. In 1935, Erwin Schrödinger, an Austrian physicist carried out an

Too Many Chef
aside December 1, 2017 Motivation GioFerox

Hey, guys, this is my first blog update ever and I would like to voice my opinion on the notion that too many chefs spoil the broth. That’s one of the top cliches most of us have probably heard a couple hundred times growing up. Maybe there is truth to it but maybe there are